Blurb from Alicia about Services….Something nice with introduction

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  • Patented technology
    • Content is available in multiple languages with a single scan
  • Internal white-labeling
    • Screens are branded with your logo
  • No searching!
    • Scanning QR codes provides rapid access to specific content associated with an exhibit
  • Intuitive navigation
    • Visitors can use an menu or scan QR codes to access additional content
  • Dynamic multimedia content
    • Videos, graphics, text, audio, links, etc.
  • Geofencing
    • Ensures content is available only where you designate
  • Analytics
    • Learn more about customers, such as what they are interested in and what they skip


Blurb about plans….Something nice with introduction/background

  • Part 1 – Monthly Subscription
  • Part 2 – Translation and Preparation Services


Blurb about Pricing….Something nice with introduction

  • Intermediate Plan
  • $ 5 monthly
    • Intermediate Pricing Plan Information
  • Ultimate Plan
  • $ 10 monthly
    • Ultimate All inclusive package information