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Making QR Codes with Liiingo is easy! Create an account and make unlimited dynamic QR Codes for your business, your personal life, your contact information, and more!

Choose a Digital Destination

Decide where you want scanners to land. A webpage, social media, a pdf, if you can link it, we can get them there.

Download and Go

Download your custom code and start distributing it. Print it, put it on a t-shirt, project it on a building. Share it with everyone!

Change it Up

Need to update your information? No problem! Creating a dynamic codes mean you can switch things up without changing your code.

Create a better QR code

The Easiest Way Possible

Dynamic codes mean your QR code can last forever, but your content can change whenever you want!

We’re known for making our high-end capabilities available on a startup budget. Our base package gives you access to all of these features


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Stay 60% longer than on a website
Have a 50% return rate
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Under the Hood

Inside the Plan: Options

QR Codes

Ideal for linking to existing online content

Quiiik Pages

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Custom Plans

Ideal for franchises, partner programs, and enterprise


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