Liiingo Solutions

A completely customizable range of solutions to engage customers in the moment.

Publishing Platform

Our platform. Your content. Your brand. Your moment.

Organize and maintain your content in a simple and intuitive content management system. It’s so easy to use, there’s no need to go through IT. Just click and drag your text, images, and videos where you want them. Changes are published right away.

Liiingo App

An engaging experience in the palm of their hand.

Liiingo provides immediate access to content in the moment—and in the language—your customers or staff need it. Liiingo leverages your customers’ own devices, which are readily available, easy to use, and comfortable (with no cost to you).

  • Direct links and iiiCodes to each page
  • Patent-pending Smart Language Detection identifies the language associated with the user’s device and immediately displays the content in that language
  • Up to 12 languages available
  • Intuitive menu navigation that makes it easy to find additional information
  • Compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Multimedia content delivery
  • Internal white labeling—all content reflects your brand

Liiingo Box

Your story on TV. Updated in real time.

Create and maintain slideshow displays across multiple screens in various locations. All content can be managed remotely at anytime from anywhere using the publishing platform.


Better data. Smarter decision making.

Access analytics about what your audience views, when they view it, what language they prefer, and if they come back again. You can even see if they share info with their friends. Then, you can use these behavioral and demographic insights to make informed, strategic decisions with a deeper understanding of your audience.


Translation, content management, and more.

Liiingo offers a full suite of services to help you get your content ready, translated, and distributed so you can start sharing the content your customers want, when they want it, as quickly as possible.


Patent-pending Smart Language Detection in your app.  

Your technical team can easily use Liiingo’s simple API to add Smart Language Detection and functionality to your app or software. This API makes it possible for your app to automatically detect the language your audience prefers and shows them content in that language, without requiring a language-specific app or website.

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