1. You provide the content to Liiingo and QR codes to your visitors
    Audio, video, text, graphics, etc.
    Choose the language(s) you want to provide. We’ll handle the translations and load the content into the app
    We’ll provide you with QR codes for the different specific
    You can place the QR codes on brochures, business cards, signage, wherever you want!
  2. Your visitors will use their own devices to scan and easily access the content you provide… in their language!
    The first time they scan a code, they’ll be invited to download the free app.
    After the first scan, they can navigate content within the app or just scan another code to get to additional content.
  3. They’ll customize their experience by accessing what they are interested in… and in whatever order they choose.
  4. You can continue to add to or change content whenever you want without changing the QR codes!

This makes every visit different, encouraging return visits!
The best part is that you’ll be able to know what visitors really want, instead of guessing. This means better decisions, better use of your budget, and better results!