Employee Communication

Now everyone is the office know-it-all.

As job opportunities flourish, organizations with entry-level employees struggle to retain new hires. The Admin Center is using Liiingo to help their clients engage employees at the right moment and improve retention.

Liiingo delivers dynamic information to their employees across multiple sites and locations in a way that is fast, easy, and fun! These employees can easily see relevant information that impacts their day-to-day work without any hassle.

Admin Center, Founder and CEO, Mia Paulus

The Admin Center’s Challenge

How do employees stay connected?

The Admin Center provides virtual assistant support to businesses that want to simplify their management tasks. Recently, a client challenged them to help improve employee retention and communication in an exciting and innovative way.

Liiingo’s Solution

Communicate with Liiingo Box.

The Admin Center provided their client with Liiingo Box, a connected display experience that allows custom content to be displayed and easily updated on existing television monitors, while simultaneously accessible on each employees’ phone through the Liiingo App. Liiingo Box is easy to use and plugs in to any digital display with the ability to update and display content in real time through Liiingo’s publishing platform.



Provide can’t miss updates that are actually hard to miss.


Share relevant content employees want to watch.


Say thank you when employees are listening.

See what Liiingo can do for your business.

With a variety of communication solutions and a dedicated team to help you get started, Liiingo can help differentiate your business and improve customer and employee experience. Make the most of the moment with Liiingo.

Make the most of the moment with your employees.