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These streets can talk in any language.

In a constantly connected world, destinations are struggling to activate their space and engage visitors. Meanwhile, tourists and locals alike are looking for more information than ever before about where they are going and what they are learning as they visit new destinations.

Liiingo has enabled THE BLOCKS – Salt Lake’s Cultural Core – to create a one-stop-shop to document and share public art in downtown Salt Lake City with the Public Art & Mural Trial App. Both the user-facing and back-end interfaces are intuitive and easy to navigate and the Liiingo team has helped us every step of the way with training, graphic design, translation and more.


THE BLOCKS’ Challenge

How to activate a destination?

THE BLOCKS is Salt Lake City’s Cultural Core. It represents the highest concentration of arts, culture, events, activities and entertainment in Utah. The goal is to bring new visitors to downtown Salt Lake to heighten the captivating and inclusive atmosphere found there.

Liiingo’s Solution

Engage visitors with Liiingo App.

THE BLOCKS used Liiingo’s publishing platform to create a custom app with detailed information about points of interest, installations, and artwork throughout downtown. By sharing direct links and iiiCodes with visitors, guests can go directly to the information they want to learn more about downtown Salt Lake and plan their visit, while also discovering Instagram-able locations in the area.



Every visitor gets the ultimate self-guided tour.


Make it easy for visitors to understand what they’re looking at—in any language.

Increased Visitation

Armed with knowledge and a positive experience, guests come back again and again.

See what Liiingo can do for your destination.

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