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During events, it can be hard to communicate with guests where they need to be and when. Get rid of the paper brochures and heavy binders, Liiingo gives you the ability to provide all the information in one place.

Liiingo is STEM-azing! We recently partnered with Liiingo to support STEM Matters Day at the Idaho Capitol. The event was filled with hands-on STEM activities and was attended by Governor Little, Lt. Governor McGeachin, Legislators, and over 600 students from across the Treasure Valley. Liiingo allowed participants to have an individualized, guided experience as they navigated all the exciting activities throughout the Capitol. We have plans to use Liiingo at other events including student competitions and educator professional development. We look forward to continuing to partner with Liiingo.

Angela Hemingway, Executive Director, Idaho Stem Action Center

Idaho STEM Action Center’s Challenge

How does Idaho STEM Action Center increase engagement within events?

The Idaho STEM Action Center is a state agency housed in the Office of the Governor created by legislation in 2015 helping promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in response to Idaho Citizens not entering the STEM pipeline fast enough to meet current and future workforce needs. Its goals are to coordinate and facilitate implementation of STEM programs, align education and workforce needs, and increase awareness of STEM throughout Idaho. Liiingo delivers event driven content to a wide audience establishing personalized experiences in a dynamic way.

Liiingo’s Solution

Communicate with Liiingo.

Through Liiingo, Idaho STEM Action Center has provided a personalized experience for STEM Events, Student Competitions, and Professional Development. Liiingo allows accessibility reaching industry, government, educators, and students; fostering STEM engagement from iiicodes with event information.


Personalized Experience

Allows everyone to explore the power of STEM through a personal lens.


Easily accessible by scanning an iiiCode to view content.

Increased Awareness

Shows industry, government, educators, and students the value of STEM education.

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